I cant get the correct username to show up for commits on github.


I first had a Github account for personal use that was just to mess around and become familiar with it. Now I'm in a college course that required me to create a new Github account. We are using pycharm for python programs in my class. When I commit and push to my repository on my new Github account the commit log shows my personal account username.

Attempts To Fix:

I've tried the:

git config --global user.name "yourname"

then I tested that the username was correct with:

git config --global user.name

I did the same with email and password to see if that made a difference. When that didn't work I looked around on google to see what I could find. People said to remove and re add credentials with the windows credential manager. I did that too and still no luck.

I'm willing to delete my personal account if that's what needs to be done I just need this second account to show the correct username when pushing because the professor won't grade the code unless you use your school username.

I appreciate any feedback.


As far as I know, github performs the comparison of the user via the e-mail address.

So try:

Go to Github.com -> Setting -> E-mail Add the Email address you used in your .gitconfig to your account.

Additional you can do conditional commits

Conditional Git Config

Your global git config .gitconfig

  email = priv-mail@example.com

# on Windows for all directories below p:/cy/* use the .corp.gitconfig config
[includeIf "gitdir/i:p:/cy/**"]
  path = ./.corp.gitconfig

Your secondary git config .corp.gitconfig

  email = corp-mail@example.com

you can test if the right config value ...

git config --show-origin --get user.email

The official documentation can be found here

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  • The top part of this was the fix for my problem. I retried entering my username email and password back into the git config global and it works now somehow. Thank you! – Cryoexn Sep 2 '19 at 15:20

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