I have set up ArchLinux as my server on vmware. (for practice purpose)

openssh has been installed and started.

Using ip addr, I have

enter image description here port 24 is what I need.

Now I need to connect to that server using cuteftp, but failed.

The error info returns The remote host actively refused the attempt to connect to it.

Lots of attempts have been made, but no luck.

Can someone please explain and give me a solution?

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    Why would it be port 24? Where did you configure that? What FTP software are you using? OpenSSH is not an FTP server. – grawity Sep 4 at 6:52
  • I want to set up a gdb server – Sleeping On a Giant's Shoulder Sep 4 at 10:03
  • After many efforts, I finally understand I need a FTP server. I just installed vsftpd – Sleeping On a Giant's Shoulder Sep 6 at 12:49

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