I'm using sftp to connect from a Windows server (User ID is ssh1) to AIX server (User ID is ftpeapsg) to access /sftp/ftphrssg/HRSSG/EAPSG in AIX server. User ftpeapsg is created on AIX server. Able to connect to AIX server fine without the need for password however not able to see the folder /sftp/ftphrssg/HRSSG/EAPSG

For /sftp/ftphrssg/HRSSG/EAPSG, owner is ftphrssg and group is geapsgtp ftp user is ftpeapsg and group is geapsgtp

Both /sftp/ftphrssg/HRSSG/EAPSG and ftpeapsg belong to group geapsgtp. Any idea why I'm not able to see /sftp/ftphrssg/HRSSG/EAPSG in the AIX server?

  • What is the actual error message? What client-program are you using on Windows (Putty!psftp would be a good choice.) – Lorinczy Zsigmond Sep 6 at 5:02
  • Also use command ls -ld on every (sub)directory in question to find out their access rights. – Lorinczy Zsigmond Sep 29 at 5:36

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