Several references describe using Alt combined with numeric keys (with NumLock on). Other references suggest using the United States International keyboard layout.


  • Keyboard is UK (the US layout switches some keys)
  • Laptop is a small without a NumPad

Are there other key combinations or can I create key combinations that perform the same thing?

On uBuntu 18.04 the following sequence works (using ü as an example - that was copied from the Windows Character Map which is an alternative, though less convenient, option):

  • AltGr + Shift (these can be released)
  • Shift + " (these can be released)
  • the character you want an umlaut on ie. u

This does not work on Windows, although assigning such key combinations on Windows would be great (if this is possible).

  • AutoHotKey can probably do this for you. – DavidPostill Sep 4 '19 at 20:24

You can use the United Kingdom Extended keyboard instead of the US International.

Using UK Extended, to insert an umlaut character, hit AltGr+2 then the character (eg. u to ü).

Microsoft Docs has a keyboard simulator to show what key combinations will give you the various diacritics in UKX.

note: AltGr is the Alt key to the right of the space bar.

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