I'm aware that you can move windows between monitors using the Windows logo key + Ctrl + Left/Right arrow combo.

But this only works horizontally, when the monitors are side by side. I would like to do this, but with monitors stacked vertically.

enter image description here

Unfortunately, the Windows logo key + Ctrl + Up/Down arrow combo maximizes/minimizes the window, and the left/right arrows combination doesn't work.

Is there a way to make this work?

  • Try Win + Shift + right/left-arrow. – harrymc Sep 5 '19 at 8:34
  • That seems to work, thanks. Would you like to post an Answer? – DReispt Sep 5 '19 at 9:33
  • Done as requested. – harrymc Sep 5 '19 at 9:37

The shortcut Win+Shift+Left arrow or Win+Shift+Right arrow
will move the active window to the left or right monitor, or actually to the next or previous monitor.

This will also work for the horizontal arrangement of monitors.

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You can use the Windows Stacked in the Taskbar by set of shortcuts enter image description here

Emilio has guided in his answer :

  1. Windows Key+T   (puts focus on taskbar)
  2. Tab,Tab  (puts focus on "Show hidden icons" arrow)
  3. Shift + F10   (contextual menu)
  4. Select "Show windows stacked" and press Enter.

It's a long way, not a shortcut. But it avoids mouse pointing and right clicking.


You can use bellow shortcuts to make a foursome set of windows:

  1. Focus on the first window then use » Win + Left then Up OR other Arrow keys... you want
  2. Select next window by Arrow keys... and Enter (if the window show you the window selection panel automatically) OR Win + Tab OR Alt + Tab
  3. Go to the step 1

Result: enter image description here

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