Its possible to rename files all at once. But its not possible to change the extension of selected files all at once.

If windows doesn't support this facility .. then is there any batch script or something to work out with ???


Command prompt example:

rename *.html *.htm

will rename all files with .html extension in the current directory to .htm

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You can use Total Commander that allows mass renaming in many ways...

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  • Only for Windows, but Total Commander is an awesome tool for replacing the classic Windows File Manager. Small (around 5MB), portable, free (purchasing not obligatory), and constantly updating since the old times of Windows 95. Greatly adviced. – Sopalajo de Arrierez Mar 17 '14 at 14:12

On Linux you can do this rename 's/\.doc$/.rtf/' *.doc

The above renames all files with doc extension to the rtf extension

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