I am novice in terms of web apps and how they work. However, here is the issue. We have a web application hosted on Apache that is integrated with Azure AD SSO. If I connect with that application URL directly, it works.

I have also setup an Azure application gateway and put this webapp as a backend pool.

Now when I try to reach to this app using the application gateway URL, I get an Apache 500 error. Apache logs shows this....

[Fri Sep 06 09:03:58.215600 2019] [auth_openidc:error] [pid 28761] [client 52.XX.XX.XX] oidc_util_jwt_verify: parsing JWT failed: [src/jose.c:694: oidc_jwe_decrypt_impl]: encrypted JWT could not be decrypted with any of the 1 keys: error for last tried key is: crypto error [file: jwe.c, function: _cjose_jwe_decrypt_dat_aes_gcm, line: 1316]\n\n

Can anyone please advise how to resolve it ?


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