We are using 3 VMware ESXi Hosts with 10 Vms. Last week one of the Hosts crashed (raid controller corrupt), loosing all the data of this machine. I had to get the backup from the day before, wich took a day (so all employeed had to go home for a day) and we lost all work of that day.

We cannot afford a HA cluster, so I am looking for ideas to

  • loose (almost) no data
  • get quicker restores - to loose (almost) no time

Currently we use Veeam to make Backups and Replicas of the VMs.

These are the ideas I have so far:

a) making one full backup (takes one day) and then incrementals every hour during the work hours Problems:

  • too long restore time
  • having work from 7 to 18 on 5 days, that would be 55 incrementals (don't know if that is stable)

b) making a full backup every night and then incrementals every hour during work hours Problems:

  • too long restore time
  • backup might take longer than the night

c) making a full replica every night and then incremental replicas every hour

  • restore time is ok
  • maybe problems deleting the snapshots

How do you handle the Problem, when you don't want to loose any data?

  • If they are taking too long the question here is what kind of Ethernet speeds are we dealing with? If you have 1gbit, get 10gbit,40gbit. Dual,Quad NIC... How many gb/s is your storage? M.2 SSD? Obviously faster storage can dramatically reduce your times. – cybernard Sep 9 at 16:20

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