I am on a Windows 10 machine, I want to ssh into my mobile phone to ssh with sshdroid on it. Psiphon is running on my android mobile.

From a Linux machine I am able to do

ssh -d 8000 root@android_phone_ip:ssh_port

and then on a Linux machine I set a system wide proxy which points to localhost and port 8000 by this I am able to use internet via my mobile phone. I want to do the same on a Windows machine. I checked putty the only thing which I could not understand is how

ssh -D portnumber 

option is available on putty or can be used on putty. How to achieve this? I tried tunneling local port 8000 to destination Ip:ssh port but it did not worked in putty.

On a windows cmd I tried putty.exe ssh -D 8000 root@ssh host:port but I get host does not exist but on the other hand I am able to loggin to same ssh host from Debian machines on ssh.

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