I am trying to establish an ssh tunnel to my android phone from my windows phone.

from putty I can do ssh root@android:port2 but on Linux servers there is an option -D from terminal i.e.

ssh -D port1 root@andoidphone:port2

and then in system wide network settings I can apply manual proxy for system localhost and port as port1 used in ssh connection.

That way I can tunnel my traffic to my android phone.

I am trying to do same on my windows 10 laptop. But in putty 1) I do not know how to set ssh -D port option. 2) The proxy configuration I am setting in run-->network proxy settings--->manual proxy setup enter image description here Here what ever I am setting and then saving each time it is getting erased so I am not able to test my system if it is able to access internet via my android phone. How can I stabilise this manual proxy setup in Windows 10?

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