i downloaded installed WAMP and i could not login to Mysql. i got frustrated with trying different solutions from the internet. I had to uninstall the app, now i have installed xampp and having the same issue, i created a password in config.inc but it wont login, i changed my hosting to localhost but could not login. someone should help me, i am losing interest in web development because of this.


WAMPServer installs MySQL with the root account but is has NO password set.

So in phpMyAdmin set Username = root and leave the Password field EMPTY then press the GO button.

Once you are into phpMyAdmin, you can use it to SET a password on the root account. Then logout and login using the new password.

i created a password in config.inc You should not add the password to this file, you shoudl enter the password onto the phpMyAdmin login page.

Anyhow if you do, it is used by phpMyAdmin to login to MySQL. It is not used to set the root accounts password.

I am fairly sure XAMPP also does this

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