I have a daily sales spreadsheet for the entire year - Weekday, Date, Orders, Guest, Sales in Columns (365 rows - one for each day). (There is more data to this table, and it is formatted and imported into Excel in rows for each day.)

Current Spreadsheet Data

I want to make 7 graphs, one for each day of the week (Mondays for example) to see how Total Sales for each day trends over time. How do I provide that logic in the graph parameter other than manually selecting each date, one by one?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Try this:

  1. Name the day column as "Day" and date column as "Date"
  2. Create a Pivot table from your data
  3. Use Day as Filters, Date as rows, and Total sales as Values
  4. Than click on Analysis card -> Pivot table -> Options -> Show Report Filter Pages to create a set of new Sheets (days in week) with separate Pivot Tables.


  1. Then you can create charts from pivot table Options for each day in week (for each sheet)

Or you can choose a day in a Filter after step 3 and generate a chart from default Pivot table view.

Best regards, Lukas

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