Xampp was running without any issues on Windows Server 2008 Enterprise. I tried to update php from 5 to 7.3 so I downloaded the new version, I copied php.ini file but now apache wont start. It is just stuck on:

Attempting to start Apache service...

Without any further error logs

  • The content of the php.ini file has some changes between PHP 5 and 7.3. Put the 7.3 ini file back and then compare the 5 and 7 ini file ONLY make changes to the V7 ini file that you can explain and understand – RiggsFolly Sep 13 at 14:57
  • I may also be likely that PHP7.3 wont run with the old version of Apache you had. – RiggsFolly Sep 13 at 14:58
  • Did you also make sure that you had all the new MSVC C/C++ Runtime libraries installed. Also check you have the Universal runtime installed – RiggsFolly Sep 13 at 15:00

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