First, sorry about the broken english, I hope I'll be understandable.

I'm currently using Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon and I need an access to Internet Explorer 11 in order to test some website features.I have a Windows 10 Professional Virtual Box machine, but I can't access my locally hosted websites. Could you please help me on this matter? I've read some stuff about linux being the guest and windows being the host, but not about the opposite...

Thanks a lot for your answer!

  • The Virtual Box setup probably has the Windows 10 guest set up as NAT networking (probably default). Try changing the networking to Bridged Networking so that the guest gets its IP address from the router or network outside the host machine. – John Sep 10 at 10:59
  • Thanks for your answer : I've already change the setup to Bridged Networking but nothing happened. Do I have to change something into the windows hosts file? – Amane Matsuo Sep 10 at 12:19
  • I use the HOSTS file to associate names and IP addresses in my own local network, so you might try that to see if that helps you access the machine. Make sure (Windows 10 Guest) that both Network Discovery, File and Print Sharing, and Passwords are all ON. – John Sep 10 at 12:22
  • Thanks, I've found a solution ! - I used ifconfig in Linux Mint in order to find my ipAddress - I wrote the Ip address into my Windows VM host file Now everything works perfectly. – Amane Matsuo Sep 10 at 14:47
  • So has my answer here helped you? I can put it as an answer if so – John Sep 10 at 16:13

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