On the MATLAB commandline, I can recall the previous command with the UP arrow. However, if I already have typed something and then hit UP arrow, only commands beginning with what I already typed will show up. This is mostly useful, and very annoying at the same time. Often what I want is this:

>> longVariable

longVariable =

     1     2
     3     4

and immediately afterwards I want to type something like


which in bash I can just do by typing ALT+. (beautiful). I can't get that behavior in MATLAB though... unless you can help me out?

PS: I am aware that I could just hit UP arrow, POS1, "size(" etc - it's what I am doing now, but it is very counter intuitive to me.

PPS: Today I discovered that my desired behavior is correctly implemented in octave - which is very nice for octave, but I'd really love to have this in Matlab...


Basically, ans is a "variable" that Matlab creates when you type any command that returns output without specifying output argument. Read more here

So if you write something like this:

[1 2 3];

the result will be

[1 2 3]

and if you write


you'll get

[1 3]

hope it helps!

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  • I tried that before, but in my above example, size(ans) gives me 1 2 when it should be 2 2. – Paul Sep 10 '19 at 11:43

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