I have some CD‐ROMs with same origin which are difficult to copy.

When I insert them (one disc at once), I see one audio disc and one data disc in my file manager.

It is possible to access and copy data from each partition without issues, but when I use GNU tools on /dev/sr0, I see I/O errors. dd conv=noerror displays lot of I/O errors, but 0+0 (run for 400 seconds).

How do I backup them?

  • try ddrescue which will keep retrying error blocks, and skipping them if they are truly unreadable, instead of giving up. For the audio portion try a program called Exact Audio Copy which does the same thing but for audio. – LawrenceC Sep 10 at 18:52
  • @LawrenceC, will it create single image including both data and audio? Also I don't think trusting software with no source code available is good idea. In addition, it cannot be verified because only insecure MD5 and SHA‐1 hashes are available. – user1083216 Sep 10 at 20:40
  • These are very likely CD-ROMs with some sort of copy-protection mechanism (or hybrid audio CDs with extra stuff in a CDROM data session). Try using cdparanoia to convert the audio data to WAV files. You said you can copy the data, so I assume that part works fine. You can also use cdrecord etc. to see the table of contents (TOC) and session list. – dirkt Sep 11 at 8:59
  • @LawrenceC, "Scraping failed blocks... (forwards)" looks like to be very slow. Is it OK to wait two days? – user1083216 Sep 11 at 16:56
  • @dirkt, audio data is already converted to files on CD‐ROM. – user1083216 Sep 11 at 16:58

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