Writing a PS form in SAPIEN PS studio 2018.

Problem: I have a random string, in text box, that contains square brackets in it ('[' or ']')

Expected: Need to allow the user to type only one brackets sequence

For example:

1> bla[]bla //valid
2> []bla //valid
3> bla[[] // not valid
4> b[la[] // not valid
5> b]la[] // not valid

My code so far(Used the solution from here):

if ($this.Text -match '(\[){2,}') { $this.Text = $this.Text -replace '(.*?)\[(.*)', '$1$2' }
if ($this.Text -match '(\]){2,}') { $this.Text = $this.Text -replace '(.*?)\](.*)', '$1$2' }

This code works only when the brackets are matched together(example 3), but it doesn't work for example 4 and 5, any suggestions please?

ANSWER, by Lieven Keersmaekers

@('bla[]bla','[]bla','bla[[]','b[la[]','b]la[]') | % { $_ -replace '\[.*\]', '[]' -replace '\](?=.*\[)'}
  • Why not just check for the existence of an opening bracket and if that is the case for [<whatever>]? Your example text doesn't make a lot of sense so it's hard to tell whenever there might not be a better example. – Seth Sep 11 at 7:54
  • You mean by stack? – igor Sep 11 at 7:56
  • Essentially you're interested in whenever you have proper bracket (nesting). As you only want to allow a single bracket pair (as I understand it) just use strpos([) > strpos(]) and as all you do is just remove the bracket just use a simple replace to replace those brackets with nothing. – Seth Sep 11 at 8:17
  • How do you know which bracket to remove in your fourth example? – Lieven Keersmaekers Sep 11 at 8:38
  • 1
    This works for the examples you've given @('bla[]bla','[]bla','bla[[]','b[la[]','b]la[]') | % { $_ -replace '\[.*\]', '[]' -replace '\](?=.*\[)'} – Lieven Keersmaekers Sep 11 at 10:05

Following works for the examples and constraints you've given

-replace '\[.*\]', '[]' -replace '\](?=.*\[)'

The gist of this is to

  • '\[.*\]', '[]' removes everything between the first open and last closing bracket
  • '\](?=.*\[)'removes remaining closing brackets having a positive lookahead for an opening bracket


@('bla[]bla','[]bla','bla[[]','b[la[]','b]la[]') | % { 
    $_ -replace '\[.*\]', '[]' -replace '\](?=.*\[)'}



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