bit of an odd one i was hoping someone might be able to help me out with. I need to update the host file on a clients MAC in order to resolve a particular url to an internal ip address. I've been able to do this easily enough on half a dozen other on site MAC books but i've got stuck on their newest macbook (running mojave 10.14.5). When i try opening the host file with nano sudo (which worked a-ok on all the other machines) i just get this:

empty hosts file

usually i'd see the host file entries all listed so i can edit it as needed and then commit the changes.

Since i wasn't having much luck with sudo nano i tried copying the hosts file from it's folder location to the desktop but this failed with a "One or more items in 'hosts' can't be changed because they are in use' error message. The file shows as ghosted out in Finder and has a padlock in the bottom right when I view the Info of the file.

Can anyone suggest how i might go about updating the hosts file? The sudo nano method has always worked for me before so i'm a bit stumped by this. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


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