So I have this old machine: Intel Pentium E5200, 2GB of DDR2 RAM, Radeon R5 230 2GB GPU, Gigabyte G31M-S2L MOBO which is currently sitting doing nothing. I thought of turning it into a NAS server or a router, but in a couple of weeks i'm moving for college and can't take the old machine with me. Also this thing is going to spend electricity and I can't take advantage of it running 24/7, so a NAS solution doesn't make sense for me.

My main workstation machine (which I'll be taking with me) has 400GB of raw data right now that are not backed up anywhere. It's mainly videos, imagery, large projects and similar stuff I'll be working with. Both the current and the next place i'll be moving into have slow 24MBps connections so I won't be using VPN or anything with a toll on transfer speed.

The solution I think fits best, is set up the old machine with some linux distro (cause old hardware) then remotely turn it off when I need to upload my files from the other city, leave it overnight transfering my stuff (cause slow internet) then once I'm done turn it off remotely. And have a safe and secure offsite backup of my files.

I'm guessing it's possible but how do I do it exactly? Also I'm looking for the cheapest solution available (ideally just a bunch of hdds for the old machine). Thank you.

  • You realise 24mbps is the download speed, upload will be more like 2mbps, that's going to be 2 or 3 months to transfer 400GB nights-only, by which time how much more data will you have accrued? – Tetsujin Sep 11 at 14:28
  • I do realise that, and upload is on the 1mbps side of things, but slow backup is better than no backup. I was thinking i could transfer the 400GB locally, then upload any new projects remotely, couple of hundreds of MBs at the time... – DuckHunterZx Sep 11 at 14:34
  • Which part are you asking about, specifically? – gronostaj Sep 11 at 14:38
  • @gronostaj Yes, how do i set up such configuration from scratch. What OS on the old machine, how to configure it for remote file transfer (as well as turning on off). – DuckHunterZx Sep 11 at 14:41
  • @Tetsujin The 400GB transfer is supposed to happen while I'm still here. I have no idea how to carry out the rest of my glorious genius plan. – DuckHunterZx Sep 11 at 14:45

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