I am trying to use Block Site extension to block access to some URLs in TOR browser in Windows 7. This extension works: it blocks the sites I want to be blocked. However a user can easily disable or remove the extension from the browser. I tried to prevent disabling or removing this extension in TOR browser. I found the following recommendation in Block Site FAQs.

How can I prevent this extension from being removed or disabled from the Firefox browser?

Create a policies.json file with the following content. This file sits into a directory called distribution within the Firefox installation directory. You can use it to control how users have access to the browser features. For more info visit github.com/mozilla/policy-templates

{   "policies": {
    "Extensions": {
      "Locked":  ["{54e2eb33-18eb-46ad-a4e4-1329c29f6e17}"]
    }   } }

I tried, but creating policies.json had no effect: Block Site extension still could be removed or disabled. I tried the following more simple commands in policies.json, still no effect:

 "policies": {
   "BlockAboutAddons": true

Another drawback of using Block Site extension is that it compromises the anonymity in TOR browser.

Is there a better way to block URLs in TOR?


I installed a trial version of FocusMe, it seems to do what I need and it seems to be very promising.

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