I am planning to build a home file server using ASRock J4105-ITX motherboard, 4GB RAM and 1 or 2 TB HDD. Will boot OpenMediaVault from an SSD. Very basic configuration, no RAID etc. Will make my own enclosure to save cost.

The file server would be used as a source of videos and music to my Raspberry Pis (Pis running OSMC and MoodeAudio) over a 100 Mbps wired network.

The server would not be up 24x7. The daily usage would be less than three hours. On weekends it might go up to 4-5 hours a day. And there would not be frequent power up and shut downs. I mean, if on a day it runs for three hours, it would do so at a stretch.

Now for HDD I am not able to decide between desktop/surveillance/NAS HDDs. NAS HDDs are the most expensive and I want to keep the budget low and still have a reliable system. In my country, the prices of desktop/surveillance/NAS HDDs are in the ratio of 1/1.5/2.5 respectively. Given my use case, which one should I go for?

I have been trying to piece together information from Google on the question, but the more I search, more confusing it gets. Some posts suggest the surveillance drives are as good as NAS disk for individual users; others note that the drives are meant for DVRs only. None seem to favor desktop HDDs, though all those posts consider a 24x7 available system, which is not my use case.

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