I have Emacs installed on NixOs. I am new to both Emacs and NixOs. Following the NixOs manual, this is my emacs.nix imported in configuration.nix

{ pkgs ? import <nixpkgs> { } }:

  myEmacs = pkgs.emacs;
  emacsWithPackages = (pkgs.emacsPackagesNgGen myEmacs).emacsWithPackages;
in emacsWithPackages (epkgs:
  (with epkgs.elpaPackages; [ ace-window ])
  ++ (with epkgs.melpaStablePackages; [
    # ... other emacs packages ...
    # ... other emacs packages ...
  ]) ++ (with epkgs.melpaPackages; [ ]) ++ [ ])

I don't quite understand the notion of emacsWithPackages but this results in Emacs having the packages without any use of package.el.

Anyhow, in Emacs...

  1. There is no match for M-x customize-variable RET auto-mode-alist RET
  2. None of the configuration files exist.
  3. Buffers are set to correct major-mode, when corresponding packages are installed.
  4. When do C-h v auto-mode-alist, the description does show the binding values as expected.

So... Can anyone please explain to me, what's going on here? Where & how is the value of auto-mode-alist set. And why is it not customizable?

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