I have multiple excel tables embedded all within a single word document and my aim is to have the entered values in the two separate excel tables to be linked to a third embedded excel table within the document - so to perform final calculations from the entered values of the first two tables.

My issue is, when I do enter values within a column in table 1, it is linked to and shown in table 3, but when I enter values in table 2 to be reflected in table 3, the link seems to fail and does not respond - only showing the entered values of table 1. That is after I close table 1 and open excel table 2 to enter the values.

When table 2 is closed and reopened, values of table 2 are updated in table 3, but the values of table 1 goes blank within table 3. Don't know why the linked values won't hold after entering from another table?

note: the excel tables are generated thru 'Object' function in word with no hyperlinks to external excel files. The links within the cell seem to work for a short period, but seem to lose its link reference after a number of re entry attempts.

Hope the question makes sense.

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