I have an enterprise application that I need to work on old versions of openSUSE (an i586 SLES SP3 linux environment), and it was written in python 3.6. Needless to say, the official repositories at https://ftp5.gwdg.de/pub/opensuse/discontinued/distribution/11.3/repo/oss/ haven't been very helpful because they only keep python3.3 packages, and the environment is very broken and unstable.

Given all this, I opted to rebuild python3.6 from source, and the configure command runs fine, but the make command fails giving the following error:

/home/pcms_dm/Desktop/python3.6 source/Python-3.6.5/Modules/_ctypes/libffi/configure: line 2868: cd: /home/pcms_dm/Desktop/python3.6: No such file or directory
configure: error: unsafe srcdir value: '/home/pcms_dm/Desktop/python3.6 source/Python-3.6.5/Modules/_ctypes/libffi'
*** WARNING: renaming "_ctypes" since importing it failed: build/lib.linux-i686-3.6/_ctypes.cpython-36m-i386-linux-gnu.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
error: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'build/lib.linux-i686-3.6/_ctypes.cpython-36m-i386-linux-gnu.so' -> 'build/lib.linux-i686-3.6/_ctypes.cpython-36m-i386-linux-gnu_failed.so'
make[2]: *** [sharedmods] Error 1
make[1]: *** [build_all_generate_profile] Error 2
make: *** [profile-opt] Error 2
  • Remove the whitespace from the python source folder and try again. – ajgringo619 Sep 12 at 17:05

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