While installing the ported tools from Rocket on my z/OS instance I am running into an issue while installing sudo. The package is from sudo-1.8.6p3_b009.170419

In the install instructions indicate to set the following extended attribute with the command extattr -s sudo.

When executing the command the following is returned:

IBMUSER:/rsusr/devtools/bin #>extattr -s sudo
FOMF0303I sudo: chattr() error: rv=-1, errno=8B, rsn=EF076043

bpxmtext for Reason code EF076043 returns

bpxmtext EF076043

zFS Wed Jun 5 13:43:05 EDT 2019
Description: Operation required owner privileges and user did not have them.

Action: Ensure that you are the owner of the object.

However, I am the owner of the object in question.

IBMUSER:/rsusr/devtools/bin #>ls -la sudo
-r-xr-xr-x   1 IBMUSER  OMVS     1478656 Apr 12  2017 sudo

There is another missing piece to the puzzle.


you must be owner of the file and have write permission to set this attribute

  • Thanks @bill-schoen chmod u+w sudo followed by the extattr worked like a champ – Hogstrom Sep 12 '19 at 16:38

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