I just bought a new router, D-link DSL 2641B and want to connect it to another one, provided by my ISP, Asmax AR 804MP.

Previously, I had Linksys WRT350N, and there was no problem, while I had Ethernet cable plugged in to one of LAN ports in Asmax and INTERNET(RJ45) port in Linksys, connection used PPPoE protocol -- worked OK.

D-link has DSL(RJ11) port (which I don't want to use as Asmax replacement, while there is a separate Ethernet cable with a TV plugged to Asmax, which I don't want to configure from scratch on D-link).

How should I connect my new D-link to work with Asmax? Via DSL port? Via one of the LAN ports (in which case I probably should change the purpose of this port in the config, I guess?).

I tried connecting D-link both ways:

LAN(ASMAX) to LAN(DLINK) LAN(ASMAX) to DSL(DLINK) (using RJ11 -> RJ45 cable) I hope there is some setting in the DLINK's config that I overlooked.

I haven't tried to see what's in ASMAX's config, but I guess I don't need to change anything there, while Linksys worked just fine?

The only difference I see, is that D-link has RJ11 DSL port as WAN, and Linksys has RJ45 (called by them INTERNET) as a main WAN port.

  • What are you trying to accomplish? Typically most home users won't want to connect one DSL router/modem to another router/modem. Also, I believe most users on serverfault are American, and might not be familiar with your D-link DSL 2641B (European?) and Asmax AR 804MP (Polish?) equipment. Jun 2 '10 at 16:55
  • Stefan: I'm trying to use D-link as a regular router(LANs for printers and wifi for other devices) without excluding Asmax to which my ISP (Dialog, and yes, I'm from Poland) connected a TV over Ethernet. I could exclude Asmax and use D-link alone,but this would require ISP's technician to come around and tell if it's possible which I'm trying to avoid, if possible.
    – piobyz
    Jun 2 '10 at 18:05

What you're doing makes no sense - stop it now.

The RJ11 port, on either box, is for the DSL link ONLY, it connects via your filter to your phone line and then onto the DSLAM using PPOA - it has nothing to do with ethernet ok.

You simply need to connect your machines together via IP and configure them to route between each other - if you can't do this then I'd suggest you ask this, modified, question on our sister-site superuser.com which is a much better forum for this type of question. Please read our FAQs before asking questions next time.

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