I have Cmder set to autostart with Windows as a drop-down terminal, now I want to add a context-menu entry so whenever I right-click a folder in Windows-Explorer I can open that folder in Cmder.

The Cmder Wiki provides instructions as to how to do so however that opens a new Cmder terminal/session which causes me to have two drop-down terminals overlayed over each other.

Is it possible to send a folder-path to the current, active session instead?

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I had the same problem and finally found a way to do it!

You can send any command to an active tab:

"%CMDER_ROOT%\vendor\conemu-maximus5\ConEmu\ConEmuC64.exe" -guimacro:0 print("echo \"Hello world\"\n"); WindowMode("NOR")

Here -guimacro:0 means to execute the command in the current active tab

print("echo \"Hello world\"\n") prints command echo "Hello world" to your console and "press" Enter

WindowMode("NOR") show cmder if it minimized

For adding Open cmder here use following reg file

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Open Cmder Here"

@="ABS_PATH_TO\\cmder\\vendor\\conemu-maximus5\\ConEmu\\ConEmuC64.exe -guimacro:0 print(\"cd \\\"\"); print(%V); print(\"\\\"\\n\"); WindowMode(\"NOR\")"

I split the cd "%V" command into 3 parts so that the escape characters are correctly typed into the console

And for some reason %CMDER_ROOT%\\vendor\\conemu-maximus5\\ConEmu\\ConEmuC64.exe ... is not working here


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