PS Command output is truncated in Solaris. I tried the below command after g Googling out. It doesn't work. Not sure what needs to be done

/usr/ucb/ps awwx 

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Solaris 10 and later no longer make /usr/ucb/ps setuid-root by default, and you need root privileges to poke into the address space of other users processes to get the full set of arguments.

Run it as root or the process owner to see more than 80 characters of the command line.

On Solaris 11, if you use options without a dash (like /usr/bin/ps auxwww) they will be treated as UCB style options, and the output will show extra long lines, even when you are NOT running as root. This is not well publicized.

For further reference:

Update: As of Solaris 11.3 SRU 5.6 (released Feb. 2016), the 80 character limit is removed completely from ps - see Solaris 11.3 SRU 5.6: updates in ps(1) and /proc/<pid>/{cmdline,environ,execname}.


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