I set up DokuWiki on localhost just to collect some notes.

Alas, I am locked out, can't remmember my password and sending a recovery email doesn't work.

Since I will only use this locally, I need only one user, with admin rights, and no password checking. Can that be done by manually editting the config files?

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    Perhaps this DokuWiki forum link may help. – Anaksunaman Sep 15 at 18:43
  • Thnaks, I had already found it, but it didn't help me. Rereading it, I find that the answer by dude does work! Please post this as an answer, and I wil accept it. – Mawg Sep 16 at 7:10

According to this DokuWiki forum thread, you should be able to reset the password to DokuWiki by changing users.auth.php.

For the current stable version of DokuWiki (2018-04-22b "Greebo"), this file is located under the conf folder.

To reset the password, replace any existing admin login with:

admin:$1$4fd0ad31$.cId7p1uxI4a.RcrH81On0:DokuWiki Administrator:mail@host.com:admin,user 

Then log in with the username admin and password admin.

  • You saved my bacon (and eggs) – Mawg Sep 16 at 12:05
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    Glad to help. =) – Anaksunaman Sep 16 at 19:17

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