I want to replace Word formatting from Strong to simple text. It works with all formats except "Strong". Do you have any ideas?

Here is video.



In your example video you are searching for "Font: 29 pt" and replacing it with "Style: Normal".

Microsoft Word has two different types of style, "Paragraph style" and "Character style". If you right click a style and enter edit dialog you can see the type for each style:

modify style dialog

The style "Normal" is a paragraph style. Setting a new paragraph style only replaces another paragraph style like "Heading 1".

"Strong" is a character style and can be applied on top of the current paragraph style. Setting a character style will not replace the paragraph style.

You can search like you do for "Font: 29 pt" and replace with "Font: Not Strong" (can be selected in the font dialog under style). This keeps font size and any other font attributes - except for font weight.

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