I had to do a profile reset since the "Translate to" option in context menu stopped worked; after I did the reset, any time I open a magnet link instead of it automatically beginning downloading it asks every time to open my torrent manager.

I know I have to go to Preferences file and change "protocol_handler":{} to "protocol_handler":{"excluded_schemes":{"magnet":false}}, and last time it worked, but this time it didn't work: if I open Chrome that changes to "protocol_handler":{"excluded_schemes,*":{"magnet":false}} (,* appears after schemes) and it doesn't work.

If I use the Preference file of my old account that line doesn't change and it does work, but I lose the "Translate to" option.

The handlers option in Chrome's settings is on.

Not sure what's causing this, any idea?

I'm using Chrome 77.0.3865.75 on Windows 10 1903 18362.356.


There are two protocol_handler keys in the Preferences json object.

  "profile": {
    "avatar_bubble_tutorial_shown": 2,
    "avatar_index": 26,
    "blacklisted_credentials_normalized": true,
    "content_settings": {
      "ppapi_broker": {},
      "protocol_handler": {},
      "sensors": {},
  "protocol_handler": {
    "excluded_schemes": {
      "magnet": false

Make sure to modifiy the one at the root. If you modify the one in the profile, it will be renamed to protocol_handler,* and considered invalid.


Ok, I solved this: instead of changing "protocol_handler":{} to "protocol_handler":{"excluded_schemes":{"magnet":false}}, I left it unchanged and added "protocol_handler":{"excluded_schemes":{"magnet":false}} (having then two "protocol_handlers").

Edit: For this to work, you have to add "protocol_handler":{"excluded_schemes":{"magnet":false}}, (with the final comma) after the initial { in C:\Users\Mauro\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\[user]\Preferences.


The accepted answer didn't work for me. I found a better solution, at least for Windows.

Create a .reg file (I opened a blank file in Notepad, put in the following, and saved it as 'Fix Chrome Magnet Links.reg', then ran it and restarted Chrome). Contents should be:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Tested and working. With a bit of luck it will keep working across multiple Chrome updates, and is much easier to install.

This solution is adapted from https://t-e.cc/google-chrome-no-longer-displays-always-open-these-types-of-links-in-the-associated-app-checkbox-fix/

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