I am going through the Welcome to Excel Tutorial for Excel 2019 on Mac. Everything worked as explained except for trying to create pivot tables.

I tried creating my own tables to do the same thing and ran into the same issue.

I go through and select the entire table for which I want a pivot table. It is a table of date, salesperson, product, and amount. I followed all the directions and had no problem until I come to the direction that says:

"At the top of the pane, click the checkbox for Amount. When you do that, the Amount field will get added to the Values area at the bottom of the pane. And, at the same time the amounts are totaled for each product in the PivotTable."

I did this, however the result is not as described. The attempted pivot table only shows the sum of the amount and not the amounts totaled for each product (as shown in the image below).

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