i'm having a layout/view problem with outlook 2016. I don't know how the upper panel is called in english, so i call it the 'top pane' (where the 'all-day-events' are shown).

If there are too much appointments in the top pane, there should be a triangle button allowing the user to scroll down to see all appointments. But sometimes its shown, other times not :/

Outlook: Triangle-Button

Have a look at the next screenshot. The left part shows the top pane and in the second column we can see a yellow appointment which is not fully shown - but no scrollbar to the right or a triangle-button. The right part of the screenshot shows the same week, but with font-size set to 7 instead of 8. We can see, that there is another appointment below which is also not fully shown (and fully invisible in the left screenshot) - but again - no scrollbars or triangle button.

Outlook: calender view

So my question... Is there a way to resize the top panel or that the scrollbar is always shown - regardless if it is necessary or not? Or are there others solutions?


I didn't reproduce this issue on my Outlook 2016, this should be a error in your Office(Outlook) installation.

Try repairing your Office installation and see if there is any difference: Open Control Panel > Programs and Features. Right click your Office suit and then choose Change. Click Repair.

Besides, please install the latest updates.

  • I am in an corporate envirement, all clients have this problem and all clients have the latest updates installed. – Michael Sep 24 '19 at 5:20

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