I need to sign emails with S/MIME and want to do this using openssl. The requested signature algorithm is RSASSA-PSS. I couldn't figure out how to specify the signature algorithm to openssl smime. What I've figured out already is:

openssl smime -sign -in unsigned.msg -out signed.msg -signer private.pem -md sha512

However, the algorithm used following this command is RSA. Does anyone have an idea how to switch this to RSASSA-PSS?

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You can use openssl cms to do that:

openssl cms -in msg.txt -sign -inkey key.pem -signer cert.pem \
    -keyopt rsa_padding_mode:pss -md sha512 -out msg.eml
  • Awesome, this works. I didn't know about openssl cms – lmr2391 Sep 24 at 9:26

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