In Tabs Outliner, let's say Chromium has three windows open:

  • Window A, 10 tabs.
  • Window B, 30 tabs.
  • Window C, Tabs Outliner.

All of three windows and 40 tabs fit in Tabs Outliner with no scroll.

Now the problem is:

Whenever I change window, Tabs Outliner auto scrolls in order to have that window on top. So if window A is focused, I can see everything; but if window B is, I can only see its 30 tabs.

Simple question:

How to lock Tabs Outliner into not doing this?

Have a couple pictures exemplifying what I describe.

I like this (you can free hand draw a smiling smiley if you fancy):

a screenshot of my laptop

I don't like this (you can free hand draw a sad smiley if you fancy):

another screenshot of my laptop

They say a picture is worth
  a thousand words,
well I know Ffmpeg and I say
  a video can actually be
  a thousand pictures.

--- john.


I've found that if I change tab and/or window through clicking it in Tabs Outliner (instead of cycling windows through the use of cmd+< or cmd+>), the issue/feature/bug above doesn't reproduce.

That's better than nothing, but it is highly unsatisfactory, as requires moving the fingers down to the track pad from the keyboard.

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