I am trying to count cells from a column between two values: I have a list which on the range A2:A118. I want to start counting when a specific value is reached and stop when another specific value is reached. Let's say I want to start counting when in range A2:A118, A4 = "Apples", it'd start counting A5 = ["another fruit"], A6 =["another fruit"], A7= ["another fruit"] [...] until in A30 it reaches "Bananas" then it would stop counting. I'm not sure if that achievable with just formulas or if I would have to use VBA for making a loop or something.


The MATCH function returns row numbers. Simple subtraction will produce the result.

=MATCH("Bananas", A:A, 0)-MATCH("Apples", A:A, 0)

You may or may not want to add -1 depending on whether you want to include the Apples row or not.

  • In OP case (it seems) it needs: find 1st border by MATCH, fing 2nd border by another MATCH starting from 1st border, then use COUNTIF in the range of previously found borders for to obtain the result... – Akina Sep 19 '19 at 7:58

Simple COUNTIF formula solves the issue:

enter image description here

Formula in Cell L100:


Adjust cell references in the formula as needed.


enter image description here


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