Visual Studio Code has a "Go to symbol" command, which can go to either a variable name or a function. However what I usually want is to jump to a function name, so I'm wondering is there any command or shortcut to do this?

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For jumping to function in currently opened file use Ctrl+Shift+O.

From docs:

You can navigate symbols inside a file with Ctrl+Shift+O. By typing : the symbols will be grouped by category. Press Up or Down and navigate to the place you want.



In VSCode Ctrl+T shortcut put the focus on the dialog where you can type the name of the symbol you want to navigate to.

From VSDocs:

Key                          Command              Command id
⌘T (Windows, Linux Ctrl+T)  Show All Symbols     workbench.action.showAllSymbols

It relays on the support installed maybe via plugins. In order to navigate to symbols on a language, the support for that language must be installed. It works fine for me on Angular projects with Typescript symbols.

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