My music library lives on my FreeBSD server, mostly in "Apple Lossless" M4A format, but with MP3s mixed in. My laptop accesses it via AFP.

What can I use on FreeBSD to share the music with my XBox 360?


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I used FUPPES for this for a while:

Since it's not under ports, here's my notes from when I did it, these were almost all installed using the ports system w/ the default settings.

  • Install Subversion (svn) or make sure it's already on your system
  • FUPPES installation steps

    • install lame
    • install ffmpeg
      • make sure xvid is checked
      • installed vorbis automatically
    • install taglib - extracts id3 tags and such from media files - needed to support virtual folders
    • install ImageMagik - image scaling and support
    • install sqlite3
    • install mpeg4ip - extracts metadata from mpeg4's (installed a LOT of extra packages I wasn't too keen about)
    • install libuuid (e2fsprogs-libuuid) - needed for XBOX 360 since it's picky about UUIDs
    • install libiconv - charset converter (NOT just iconv!)
  • use the steps below to download the fuppes sources and build/install it:

$ svn co https://fuppes.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/fuppes/trunk fuppes

$ cd fuppes/

$ autoreconf -vfi

$ ./configure --enable-video-transcoding --with-lame-dir=/usr/local/include LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/lib

$ make

$ build fuppes

$ install fuppes

LDFLAGS was needed in the configure step because libmp4v2 could not be found without it when I did it.

Then go here for how to configure/use it: http://falz.net/xboxstreaming


You could try using FUPPES media server or uShare.

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