I want to know what keys I have to press to select THE ENTIRE TEXT ABOVE OR BELOW FROM WHERE I'VE PLACED MY MOUSE CURSOR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NOTEPAD FILE, BUT IN ONE CLICK. If I press CTRL + A it selects everything, the entire file. But I want to select only a portion of the text (I want the entire thing above or below from where my cursor is, in one click). If I press Ctrl+shift+home and Ctrl+shift+end (as it says in various places), then it selects each line automatically scrolling, but I have to keep the keys pressed as it scrolls up/down and selects everything. It doesn't happen in one click. Not sure if that's the fault of my keyboard's configuration (I'm computer illiterate & using a new laptop, I 100% remember doing this in my old laptop, but don't remember what keys I pressed). The notepad file is too large for me to keep pressing on too ctrl+shift+home/end or shift+pg up/pg down as it scrolls up/down to the end of the file. Basically what I am looking for is a CTRL+A type key press, but it will only select the entire text above or below from the position of my mouse cursor IN ONE CLICK.

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