I could use OpenVPN and Apache on port 443, everything was fine. Now I have DPI problems, it blocks OpenVPN packets, then I try to obfuscate VPN packets, and I found "ShadowSocks".

Client -> OpenVPN(port 1195) -> ShadowSocks(port 1080 - port 8080) - - - ShadowSocks -> OpenVPN -> Server

"ShadowSocks" works properly, I can use it via browser extensions also. But whenever I try to run OpenVPN over ShadowSocks, it doesn't work(connection reset errors). Besides that, I used another VPN and started ShadowSocks and started OpenVPN then it works.

So I try to bind "ShadowSocks" on port 443. DPI may consider it as a normal connection. How can I bind them(Apache and ShadowSocks) together on port 443?

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