I currently use Outlook 2016 as my mail client on my PC to access a couple GMAIL accounts via IMAP. It has been working great for a couple years. Just last week it stopped working. Outlook started prompting me for the password for the Gmail account and will not connect anymore. I can still access the email on my phone and via a web browser. I attempted the follow so far with no sucess:

  • repair the account in Outlook
  • remove and re-add the account in outlook
  • turn off less secure apps in Gmail Add 2 factor authentication in Gmail and an app password.

Each Time Outlook pops up a window asking me to sing into my account, I click Next. Then it prompts for the password. I enter the password and click Next. I think get this window and click allow:

enter image description here

After I click allow I get this message:

enter image description here

How do I get this to work again?

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What specific operations did you do before this problem occurred?

Please try going to Outlook, click File > Office Account > Account Privacy > Manage Settings.

Check the box of "Enable optional connected experiences" > OK

If the issue continues, please change your Incoming mail Server to imap.googlemail.com and Outgoing mail Server to smtp.googlemail.com.

Hope this can be helpful.

  • I don't remember changing anything. This was working just fine. Looking at Windows update history, I took several updates on 9/12, but this problem did not start then. I made the change in Outlook you suggested and no change - still cannot connect. If I change from imap.gmail.com [Which Google lists to use] and try the one you listed, I get an error that the account and password do not match. However, I can use them to log in to gmail via Chrome.
    – LtlBear
    Sep 24, 2019 at 3:53

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