I would like to bind my LAlt to LWin button. I have the AutoHotKey script:


It works great except for a few key sentences: Win-r, Win-g, Win-b. They have their roots in Xbox Game application in Windows 10, but after I turned them off nothing changed and they still don't work. I have lost Win-r, Win-g, Win-b. Could you advise me how I can fix it?


Fix my post.

  • You are mapping your left-win key to left-alt, which is the opposite of what you describe. Please fix your post. – harrymc Sep 22 at 19:51
  • From documentation The syntax for the built-in remapping feature is OriginKey::DestinationKey. For example, a script consisting only of the following line would make the A key behave like the B key: a::b – Pfedj Sep 29 at 12:11

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