In Microsoft Word I want to Find (letter paragraph letter) (^$^p^$) and Replace the paragraph with a space but not change the letters.




Hello World

Current Output:



There is a way to do this using the 'wild-cards' option in the find/replace box. But for reasons known only to Microsoft you can't use ^p when the wildcard option is selected. So we have to use a two stage proces:

**(1) Use Find/Replace without Wildcards to flag up paragraph marks. **

Make sure 'wildcards' is de-selected
Find ^p and replace with ¬^p¬

The '¬' character can be any character (or sequence) that does not occur naturally in your document. It is just a temporary marker.

** (2) Replace paragraph marker between words using wildcards

Make sure that the Wildcards option is selected
Find: (<[a-z,A-Z]@>)¬?¬(<[a-z,A-Z]@>)
Replace: \1 \2

<[a-z,A-Z]@> finds words Putting () around them records them for use in the Replace phase, accessed by referencing \1, \2, etc

That should cover it - hope it makes some kind of sense to you.

  • Unbelievable answer!!!!! – Matt Sep 25 '19 at 21:52

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