I have a 'smart' security camera (linked below). It works fine, however play back through the app is a pain. I want to download the video from the SD card for back up and for easy playback, however they are in a strange file format. The folder tree look like this:

            |   |   20190918.index
            |   |   
            |   +---00
            |   |       000001.data
            |   |
            |   +---01
            |   |       010000.data
            |   |

I'd like to play the data files (they are 200~Mb so assume they are the video files). I assume the index file is how the app retrieves the data files for playback. I can't open it in any text editor to get anymore information.

I have tried using vlc player and googling but I can't find anyone in the same situation (lots with .h264 files, but those solutions didn't work for these files).

Camera: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-smarterhome-1080p-smart-wi-fi-pan-and-tilt-camera/

  • How are you supposed to get video off of the camera? Is that method working? If it isn't you should contact support for the camera. – music2myear Sep 28 '19 at 3:33
  • Based on what I've read this device plays video only over various smart home devices and so the means your using may not be supported. – music2myear Sep 28 '19 at 3:43
  • The app works, but the way to save video is very tedious (you can't just export data you have to press a 'record' button while you are watching, meaning you would need to sit there manually 'recording' all the saved footage hour by hour). I'm also worried that I won't have access to the footage if I don't have access to the app. Hence why I want a backup of the SD card that I can use on my PC. – user1095239 Sep 28 '19 at 5:08
  • 1
    The specs for your camera states that the video codec is H.264. "I can't open it in any text editor" -- Not surprising. You need to use a binary/hex editor. If the files truly have no header/preamble at all, then you may have raw data files, which is rather unusual. – sawdust Sep 29 '19 at 8:04

The camera does not support what you are dying to do.

However, that doesn't mean that you cannot backup the data. It just means it's not going to be accessible in the way you wish.

To backup, coy the entire SD card contents to a folder on your computer. Now it's backed up.

It's important that you backup to a different folder each time.

To restore you'll copy the entire contents of the desired folder back to an SD card and then put that back in the camera.

This requires you have the camera.

If you want to keep this camera but not have your use it for recovery you'll have to use them means it supports to convert the files.

The root of the problem is that you purchased this basic camera and are expecting a feature of doesn't offer.

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