The following font issue appears in any HTML message body in Outlook (e-mail, appointment etc.), but Word and Excel don't have this problem. See this screen snippet from Outlook mail message body:

Illustration of the problem

  • orange: problematic font
  • green: font was corrected normally

How can I achieve that non-ASCII characters are produced with the default font right away?
(Office repair did not help.)


If I type a text with default settings, any normal text uses Calibri (Body) font which changes to Times New Roman for any non-ASCII character I type. After if I select the entire text and re-apply Calibri (Body) manually, those non-ASCII characters switch to this default font normally. (Therefore, to make the message appear consistent, I need to re-apply the default font before sending any message with "špecial chařačters".)


Right click the default Normal Style and choose "Modify". Set the font to Calibri (Body).

enter image description here

Mentioned in this thread you can also try following steps:

  1. Close Word and Outlook

  2. Go to C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates

  3. Rename NormalEmail.dotm to NormalEmail.old

  4. Open Outlook and change your default font

  5. Close and open Outlook again.

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