I want to switch from using crouton to using GalliumOS on my Chromebook. This means that I need to back up my stuff to an external drive. I want to use a flash drive for this purpose.

However, when I try to copy my files to it, I run into a problem. A lot of my files have a \ in their filename, due to a (probably stupid) system that I use. This is incompatible with both FAT32 and exFAT filesystems, so I want to format one of my flash drives as something else.

What filesystem should I use to do this that would allow for almost any character in the filename?


NTFS can handle spaces. Alternatively, easier said then done, but EXT4 is typically used by Linux based OS's - so you may want to use that if you need a filesystem that handles spaces - Windows support for that fs is not great though.

Have you considered compressing the files into a single archive and storing them on a regular FAT filesystem that can be read by anything?

  • I had not considered compressing them into an archive. I think that would probably be easier and safer than trying to format the drive. I will try that. Thank you! – Blue-Maned Hawk Oct 1 '19 at 0:37

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