Pls see screenshot. By 'systematize', I mean I want the Page Number to appear in Word's default list, so that I can effortlessly pick it by clicking it from a list in any new Word document.

  1. I want "Bold Numbers 3" but without bold. It's way too unproductive to pick "Bold Numbers 3" then de-select the bold every time.

  2. More general question: how can I create my own Page Number and add to this list?

enter image description here


Good Day,

This can be easily done.

  • Insert the page number you want, modify it to meet your needs and select that section of text, then;

    • Under the 'Insert' tab in the 'Text' section, choose the 'Explore Quick Parts' drop-down.

    • Choose the bottom choice 'Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery'.

    • It will show a 'Create New Building Block' pop up. Give it a name then choose the 'Gallery' drop-down and choose Page Number (Top of Page), then hit OK.

  • Now you should find your custom page number with the name you assigned it under the 'Insert' tab / 'Header & Footer' section using the 'Page Number' to 'Top of Page' drop-down.

Incidentally, this same process can be used to save anything, including whole pages of text, that you want saved for easy addition to a doc.

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