I am using DevTools to look at my cookies under Application->Storage->Cookies.

I see a list of cookies there, some with names that belong to Google and Facebook. Is there a way to see for this list what request set every specific cookie? I can edit every filed of cookies here, but there is no link to network page. The only way to find who set a cookie is to go over all requests in Network tab.

Under domain column I only see the 1 domain name of the site that I visited because the original document loaded 3rd party scripts that subsequently set cookies in their response. Shouldn’t Chrome really list here the domains that a cookie belongs to since I already know that the scripts were initiated by original 1 document page of the site I just visited?

Another strange thing that happened was I downloaded all files as HAR with content from Network tab and when I did a text search, I was able to find the Facebook cookie name, but was unable to find 2 cookies from Google. How were they set then? I opened the page in a new anonymous tab and even if that wasn’t the case, the cookie names should be used for my request if they existed prior to that.

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