I have a scanner UMAX astar 5600. The scanner stopped working after I upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7.

I managed to make the scanner work again by making use of Samsung scanner drivers(As suggested in a YouTube video).

Things worked great, but now that driver of the Samsung scanner is not available, so my scanner does not work.

The device shows up in the device manager as "USB Scanner" wah an yellow exclamation mark. I am unable to add the device under devices and printers.

Is there a generic windows driver that I can use.

Any help will be appreciated.


This is not a Windows solution, but Linux has a generic scanner driver in its kernel, and it is not hard to use at all if you can reboot your machine.

You may download liveOS (no installation needed) from Fedora or Ubuntu, write the image on a usb drive by rufus.ie , and reboot your PC with the usb drive.

The liveOS even contains a "Simple Scan" tool that acts as the GUI. However, you may need a second USB drive (or to access a network drive) to save the scanned documents.


Selecting Microsoft > USB scanner device for the driver has got the scanner working.

The USB scanner device listed under Microsoft seems to be the generic scanner driver I was looking for.

Selecting that driver for my scanner make it to work like a charm.

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