I am trying to add special characters (different types of Dots as seen on the last row.

Special Characters in Windows Character Map

This works but I would like to use a string of letters

#+d::Send {U+25CF} ; dot solid

I tried using this - but it does not work

:R*?:dot1::Send {U+25CF} ; dot solid

Does anyone know how to get it working?


You might be looking for AutoHotKey Hotstrings, also known as auto-replace hotstring.

The AutoHotKey syntax for your case will be:


Pay special attention to the "Ending Characters" section of the documentation, listing how these strings are to be terminated.

  • Thank you! It resolved the issue. But I am still not able to understand why the first one is working and and not the other one. – saicode Oct 4 at 10:46
  • It seems to be correct by the documentation, but apparently AHK does not appreciate this combination. – harrymc Oct 4 at 10:58
  • Perhaps using #Hotstring will work better. – harrymc Oct 4 at 11:49

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